Normal Anxiety


My daughter’s new medication has greatly reduced the anger and irritability she was experiencing from coming off of the old medication. She came off the old medication in order to see if the new one helps relieve her anxiety more effectively.

So far, it has only been four weeks on the new medication. At this point we know it is working at least as well as the old one, but we don’t know yet if it is working better. Still keeping our fingers crossed. I am just so relieved she is no longer a raging bear anymore!

She said that even though she still has her “normal” amounts of anxiety, life is going good for her. I was so happy to hear her say this I had to hold back my tears.

I stopped smoking 3 months ago and went into a depression a month after I quit. So my doctor adjusted my Adderall from one XR dose to two short acting doses per day. It has mostly relieved my symptoms. I still have a down day or two a week but mostly I am up.

So, basically I guess you could say I am cycling, which kind of sucks in itself because it brings on a lot of irritability, but it is definitely better than being depressed full time.

My anxiety is the same as it has been since last fall when I started Viibryd, which is the best it’s been in years. But that’s not saying a lot because I can’t do things like grocery shop because of my anxiety. I also have to take an Ativan for any major social events or out of town trips. And sometimes I get anxiety attacks at home by myself for no apparent reason at all.

When I take an Ativan in preparation for an event and feel the effects of it take over I can’t believe how “normal” I feel. Only then do I realize how much anxiety I was actually having.

My doctor doesn’t want to increase the Viibryd because it could cause me to cycle more since I have Bipolar. So, while life is relatively good right now, for both me and my daughter, we still have our “normal anxiety” that we have to deal with. It looks like mine is here to stay. However, there is still hope for her. I pray she finds relief.