Worst Panic Attack Ever

Last weekend I was at a crowded sports tournament for 10 hours then came home and went to a crowded grocery store with my husband.  By the time we got to the last isle my panic attack started. Racing heart. Difficulty breathing. Tunnel vision.

People were flying by me with carts every where. I felt like I couldn’t stay out of the way. I thought I was going to die. I smashed my self up against the freezer case, face first, and I think, closed my eyes even. I must have looked like a lunatic. 

By the time we checked out, bagged up, and got out into the parking lot I felt as though I wasn’t breathing at all and my vision started to black over. I felt my eyes close and my feet cross over one another as I was walking toward the car.  I leaned to the right and caught my balance. 

I forced my eyes open and again blackness came over and then I felt my legs give out on me. I went down, felt my right hip hit the concrete and my head hit a parked car. I don’t remember anything for a minute until I hear my husband’s voice calling my name, trying to lift me up under the armpits to help me stand and telling me to get into the car. 

I don’t know if I lost consciousness or not. I didn’t on the way down. But after I hit my head, I’m not sure.  I didn’t hit it hard. There wasn’t a bump or anything and I didn’t even get a head ache. 

It upset me a lot. I’ve never fallen during a panic attack or lost my vision completely. I’ll tell my doctor this month when I see her and see what she says. I don’t like that these are returning. I could have really hurt myself. 


The tournament weekend went really well for me.  I stayed in the room Friday night and rested. Socialized Saturday and Sunday.  Handled the convention center crowds like a normal person without the need for a Ativan all weekend until the last morning when we had to pack up and check out before the last day of play. Irritability and agitation set in out of the blue and came on so fast. Luckily the med works quickly to calm my system down. 

Not surprisingly, I had a severe migraine the day after we got back (yesterday).  Today I still feel worn down and depressed. Little things, like showering, unloading the dishwasher, and sweeping the floor, feel like big things. 

This is my third migraine so far this month. I had two in November and three in December. Better than six or eight like I was averaging for the last year. I hope I am done for the month so I can report 2-3 to my doctor and see where he thinks we can go from here; if he even thinks zero is a realistic goal.