Post Vacation Pains

We’ve been back for two days now and I’ve had three days in a row of migraines. Not one continuous one, but three separate ones. One each day for the past three days.  I’m guessing from the busy week of vacation activities.

We did so many adventurous things. We had so much fun and made so many great memories. If this is the price to pay, I must say it is worth it, but still sucks. 

I’m staying home today from a social event because it would not be worth the price of another migraine. Don’t know if not going will prevent one from happening, but I know going will increase the likelihood of it. 

The allusion of control is all around me and I fall victim to it every second of my life. Reality is that I have no control over anything except in my attitude towards what happens to me.  I feel very powerless over everything in my life.

I go to the doctor, take all the medicines, go to therapy and I still have mental illness and mood swings and debilitating anxiety. 

I try to figure out and avoid my migraine triggers, I take the medicine they tell me to take, I call the insurance company to get this new medicine again and again and they won’t do their part to get it approved as I continue to suffer with migraines week after week, year after year.  Six years now. Since 2011 I have been searching for permanent relief. 

I have many good things which are not due to anything in my control other than to get up everyday and try. Like my relationships with family and friends. They are all wonderful and loving.

I get up everyday and try with the illnesses too, but I do not have success with those things like I do with the relationships. Why is that?  I have control over neither.

What I do have control over is my level of acceptance of my illnesses. It is extremely hard to come to a state of acceptance when I am in the midst of a painful migraine, but I must or I turn to thoughts of suicide. I must accept it as my reality and not fight it. I must lay still and just “be” like an animal in the wild would. 

There is nothing that can be done after the medicine is taken.  Nothing that can be said that will lessen the pain. I just have to wait for it to go away in the way that a bruise fades over time.

Knowing that it will come back is not something I dwell on anymore. It doesn’t scare me as much as it used to. I still hope for my cure. I will always hope. 

Daughter is going to be braced at night for her scoliosis and receive scoliosis-specific physical therapy once a week. If her curvature increases much more she will need surgery.  We missed a well visit last year because of taking her to specialists for various other issues, so I am dealing with some guilt over catching the scoliosis possibly later than we could have. 

Other daughter is testing the limits of being a teenager who drives. Lieing, etc.  It is stressful, but I am guessing normal. I’m just glad her mental health is well at the moment and that she is doing well socially and emotionally, or so it appears. 

Overall, my mood is fair. Anxiety is moderate to high. I feel like I don’t have a good sense of who I am or where I am at. I don’t feel grounded at all probably due to all the worrying which has me all over the place in my head all of the time. 

Probably time for me to redouble my meditation efforts to try and clear my head space. I do a lot of distracting and avoiding behaviors, which work fine. Until they don’t. Which seems to be happening now. 


2 thoughts on “Post Vacation Pains

  1. I hear you about the migraines – last week was horrible also for me. Six days of throbbing pain. One side of my face and head would begin to feel less pain and it would travel to the other side to repeat the pattern all over again. Invisible illness is tough to live with, and not only do the people around you have to be patient, you also have no choice either. I’m still attempting to find a solution to pain instead of reaching for pain killers. Stay strong. 🙂

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