Hypomania Arrives

Each spring a bit of hypomania hits me. Not sure if it’s the warmer temps, the histamines, the increased sunlight, daytime hours, or what, but it happens.  It’s there. 

It’s not a problem per se.  Except in some small ways, like:

– I feel agitated often
– I become obsessed with creative projects and ignore my family, and become extremely irritated if they interrupt me
– I wake up after five hours of sleep, which greatly increases my risk of getting migraines
– I have racing thoughts
– I can’t take my afternoon nap and meditation is next to impossible, which makes me feel tense
– I over spend
– I have no impulse control when it comes to my mouth (jokes, giving opinions, inappropriate laughing, etc.)

Maybe these are not such small things.

This usually lasts until the kids get out of school for summer break.  Then I either

1) return to baseline/stable or 2) become depressed, because like the old saying goes: “What goes up must come down.”


4 thoughts on “Hypomania Arrives

    1. It looks for the categories and tags people use on their posts. I follow people’s blogs so all their posts show up in my feed. That way I can get to know them better than just reading random posts here and there of people I’ve never read before. Also, whenever someone comments on my posts I always click on their name and it takes me to their blog so I can check it out and comment if I relate to something and follow their site if it is something I am interested in. Just like in real life it’s about building support and relationships that go both ways. It’s ok if you don’t comment, but if you are looking for some more support those are some ways that have helped me.

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