An End to Self-Bashing

I’m doing a self-improvement book study with a friend and one of the things I’ve identified that I need to work on is to cut down on the negative thoughts and comments I have about myself. 

We were talking today and I mentioned that one of the ways I continue to put myself down is to wish I was a better mom and wife for my family. She said that I am a great mom and wife. I replied that they deserved better than what I am capable of giving. 

We talked some more, and some unique perspectives were placed into my mind by her and by a higher wisdom that I find comes from being totally honest and vulnerable with someone about your fears and feelings.

First, I have decided that I give one hundred percent of myself to my family everyday. What that looks like may change day to day depending on my physical and mental health, but I never give up, slack off or not care about being there and doing for them. This is something I can feel really great about, and I do!

Second, while I may think they deserve better than what I can give, who’s to say that is what would be best for them. Obviously, God gave me to them, so who am I to question His plan. 

As long as I am trying my best, and continue to work on improving myself physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally, I can hold my head high.  And I will!

Lastly, I’ve come to realize that I often doubt myself and become anxiety ridden when I try to feel good about myself unless I get validation from others that they think I am “good” too.  The problem is that I am not assertive in asking for that validation. I merely assume others think the worst of me and then go on to put myself down as well. 

My friend said the best way to deal with this is to simply ask for validation so I can get the negative chatter out of my head.

So, for example, if I have a depressive day and can’t get out of bed, instead of assuming my husband wishes he was married to someone without mental illness, I will simply ask him, “Do you still want to be married to me even though I have a mental illness?”  I know he’ll say, yes, but the validation will stop the negative nagging thoughts in my head. 

I feel good about the progress I am making in this area. I’m tired of having low self-esteem. I want to feel good about myself. I want to show love and compassion to others as well as myself. I want to experience peace and joy as much as possible. Calm and serenity.  

I believe this all comes from within. The more I can resolve the inner conflict I have going on with myself the more comfort and ease I will feel.

I believe there is a goodness so strong inside all of us that abhors any self-destructive thought or behavior pattern so much so that it fights against it until we become uncomfortable enough to do something about it. 

I am glad I have finally reached a point to feel compelled to do something about it. I hope I can stick with it and make some permanant changes. 


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