Autumn’s Bounty Abounds

The crickets were cold
but we weren’t, by the fire,
hands tucked between legs,
biting hard on caramel apples.

I forgot to be anxious; forgot
to be crazy like the Dog who
kills possums for fun, or for duty,
or for instinct’s sake.

Under plaid flannel blankets, under
orange and yellow trees,
under the stars, we laughed and played
like children chasing fun.

Bellies filled with roasted hotdogs
and pumpkin bars,
hot apple cider and friendship,
Autumn’s bounty abounds.

Like Mother

She knows my mind
because I gave it to her
like treats for tricks
on Halloween.

Offspring sprung
upright and proud,
before the fall.
There’s always a fall.

Fresh leaves turn yellow,
fragile and scared;
orange, manic and hot;
red, angry and blue.

So many colors swirling
in one innocent mind;
so unfair and unkind
like those kids who get cancer.

It’s not her fault
nor is it mine.
Neither of us asked
for this thing

Inside our head that
takes control like an alien,
leaving us to drown
in the dead sea.

Letting the Dog Lie

I haven’t seen you in 20 years.
Never do I think of you,
until someone dies
or likes your wife’s profile pic
on Facebook.

I can’t find you in space
and your face barely reaches
the forefront of my memory.

Still, I want to see drawn lines,
soft sections, and gray beginnings
on your being.

I want to know that time
tethered you to its pole, too,
and had a few go-arounds.

I want proof that you weren’t
a figment of my nightmare,
a demon in my hell.

A catalyst for my crazy?
Maybe.  One of many, any-
way.  It’s best I don’t look back.

So, please stay where you are,
fast asleep.